Why I’m here

Every woman in my maternal bloodline, as far back as anyone has been able to remember, has had Alzheimer’s. Someday I will, too. Since I know one day I’ll loose my mind, I think about the nature of this disease more than most. There are topics I never find in Alzheimer’s research that I think should be there.

The thing I probably think about the most is that no one really knows how soon symptoms start. Researchers say that our brain compensates, and damage is usually severe by the time there are clinical symptoms. Thinking back to when my grandmother was diagnosed, her outward symptoms were obvious to everyone but her. Even years after she was no longer able to live alone she told me she was the same mentally as she was when she was twenty. I know exactly what she meant; I’m thirty-three and I also feel the same mentally as I did when I was twenty. Just as her body had no idea something was amiss her mind believed that nothing had changed, and learned to compensate so she was none the wiser.

I guess it’s important to me to have a site where my unpaid opinions and research, as well as my first-hand experiences can be cataloged. Maybe someday it will help someone.


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